Hofstra Brings the Pride with Regular Season CAA Title

The Hofstra Pride were crowned the Colonial Athletic Association’s regular season champions with the team’s 72-63 victory over of the College of Charleston on Saturday, February 27. The Hofstra men’s basketball team were able to secure the title on their home court at the David S. Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex in Hempstead, NY. Tipoff sent the game into action at 4pm. While being the last game of the regular season for the Pride, it was a special game in more ways than one for the team’s seniors: Juan’ya Green, Denton Koon, Ameen Tanksley, and Malik Nichols. These players were recognized and celebrated in a Senior Night ceremony hosted prior to the start of the game.

The Pride shares the regular season title with the UNC-Wilmington Seahawks, but holds the tiebreaker, giving them top seed going into next weekend’s 2016 CAA Championship. Hofstra will play their first game in the Quarterfinals on Saturday, March 5 at 12pm, with their opponent to be determined based on the winner of Friday night’s game between Elon and Drexel.

The following is a look into my live report from the game, using Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat as my mediums. Any tweet in this feed that hasn’t been posted directly from my Twitter handle was retweeted in the order presented.

^Edit: score should read 56-44.

Coach Mihalich follows this statement with, “What did we do? We went 6-0.”

Go Pride!


2 thoughts on “Hofstra Brings the Pride with Regular Season CAA Title

  1. I’ll start with some comments on some of your tweets, then give my general thoughts and grade below:

    1. It’s Game Day for the @HofstraMBB as they face off against the @CofCBasketball in a huge matchup for the Pride. Tipoff is at 4pm @ the Mack. (nice start, but it should be gameday and style for time is 4 p.m.)
    2. The #Hofstra Pride are in a position to secure their first Colonial Athletic Association regular season crown with a win against the #CofC. (good hashtag use, but Pride is/are and is/its is something I’ll have to go over in class on Monday).
    3. The #Hofstra Pride are coming off a thrilling victory that went down to the wire Thursday night, edging out the #UNCW Seahawks 70-69. (nice)
    4. In Thurs’ game against #UNCW, Juan’ya Green tied it up for #Hofstra and secured the win by 1 pt with free throws with 27 sec on the clock. (good hashtags, and also good pregame note. However, make sure to use “Thursday” the full day of the week, and I’d go with “one-point win” to make it a little smoother)
    5. It’s Military Appreciation Day at the Mack: camo t-shirts are given out to the first 500 #Hofstra students and first 500 fans in attendance. (I hope you got one…also nice detail)
    6. Season records going into today’s game: @HofstraMBB: 21-8 / @CofCBasketball: 16-2; #Hofstra #CofC (nicely done… could have thrown the CAA records in here)
    7. Points leaders per team ahead of today’s game: @HofstraMBB: #1 Juan’ya Green 17.7 PPG / @CofCBasketball: #24 Canyon Barry 19.7 PPG (also good, but didn’t need the numbers)
    8. #CofC Starters: #23 Harris, #21 Pointer, #5 Brantley, #12 Johnson, #3 Hulsey (the lineup tweets are good, but I rather have first names over numbers)
    9. https://twitter.com/erincschmitt180/status/703690593956982784/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw (good photo)
    10. Three pointer for #Hofstra matched by a three-pointer for #CofC at the other end, 10-6 with 14 minutes to play in the first half. (little too big of a gap between tweets here)
    11. https://twitter.com/HUChronSports/status/703690973545627648?ref_src=twsrc^tfw (good RT)
    12. Chants of “MVP” ring out for Juan’ya Green from the avid #Hofstra crowd in the stands of the Mack. (nice)
    13. The @CofCBasketball are put ahead by #21 Marquise Pointer, 12-15 at 10:29 left to play in the first. (I would say CofC goes up after a … also the score should always be highest total first, so in this case 15-12)
    14. https://twitter.com/erincschmitt180/status/703693917863206917/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw (just say to tie it at 15-15, no need for the “even”… good photo though)
    15. Gustys #11 goes right back the other way and puts #Hofstra back on top with two points, 21-19. (super nitpick – did he drive the length of the floor with the ball? Seems that way, but the detail is good, just unclear)
    16. Gustys shoots for two, misses both free throws with 4:06 to go in the first. (shoots for two free throws I’m assuming?)
    17. With it being Siblings Day today at #Hofstra, group of students and their siblings are brought out on court during stoppage of play. (nice)
    18. Tanksley #2 shoots for two and hits both, putting #Hofstra up 23-19 against #CofC. (I would say Tanksley goes to the line when using this kind of vernacular)
    19. Nice play by Gustys brings a a big two points to #Hofstra, who are up 28-22 with 1:49 to play in the first. (careful with the double typo)
    20. https://www.instagram.com/p/BCTl7sLr5VZ/ (awesome!)
    21. Halftime stats: score was tied twice, lead changed twice, no technical fouls for either team during the half. (very good details)
    22. Halftime stats: 14 points scored by #Hofstra came from in the paint compared to #CofC’s 12. (nicely done)
    23. Each team’s largest leads in the 1st half: #CofC by 3 at 10:26, #Hofstra by 7 at 14:33. #CofC led for 1:23 min while #Hofstra led for 15:00. (interesting … did this one come off the stat sheet?)
    24. https://twitter.com/erincschmitt180/status/703702809045245953?ref_src=twsrc^tfw (great)
    25. https://twitter.com/erincschmitt180/status/703706082208833536/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw (nice again)
    26. Stat: #Hofstra Denton Koon has 10 points on the game thus far with 4-8 shooting from the field. (good detail… just style wise should be “in” and the shots should be 4 of 8)
    27. Desure Buie, #4, hits a huge three-pointer for #Hofstra, bringing the lead to 55-44 with ten minutes left in the game. (nice self-edit here)
    28. Tanksley #2 adds a point on a free throw shot, #Hofstra up 63-51 with 6:10 remaining. (just a free throw, not free throw shot)
    29. Brantley, #5 for #CofC, given his second free throw opportunity of the game but misses. (was this the front end of a 1-and-1?)
    30. Juan’ya Green hits one of two free throws, #CofC responds with two points the other way. 64-36 #Hofstra with 3:45 to play. ( I think the score was wrong on this one)
    31. The #Hofstra student section leads chants of “Start the buses” with one minute remaining in the game. (haha nice)
    32. With a win tonight in their matchup against the @CofCBasketball, the #Hofstra Pride secure their first #CAA Regular Season title. (good)
    33. https://www.instagram.com/p/BCTtLe7r5UH/ (nicely done .. in the caption, it should say “the Pride secures its firs regular-season CAA title.”)
    34. In general, fantastic postgame coverage as well. Good quotes
    35. https://twitter.com/HofstraMBB/status/703759316575244288/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw (nice RT)

    OVERALL: So you didn’t need the numbers for each player. If you think about it, if someone is following your feed, they don’t really need to know the players’ number. That said, this is a very good job. You mixed in a lot of multimedia, this wasn’t too play-by-play heavy, the RTs were good, and you got your own Instagram video in there, too. Other than a few style points which we can clean up, this is even more than what I had expected in first attempt. Great work.

    GRADE: 97

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