Hofstra MLAX Shuts Down Ohio State Buckeyes

The Hofstra Pride men’s lacrosse team improved their season record to 4-1 following a win against the Ohio State Buckeyes this afternoon. With a final score of 8-5, the Pride’s tight defensive play came up big to clog the Buckeye’s offensive efforts, as goalie Jack Concannon held strong throughout the contest to shut down his opponent. Senior Brian von Bargen led the game in scoring for Hofstra, notching a career-high three goals in the match. Hofstra’s next game will be a battle of Long Island as they take on Stony Brook University this upcoming Tuesday night.

Here is a look at how the game played out in live-time on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

^Edit: Byrne’s goal came just after the man-advantage had expired.

^Edit: “Lose” should read “loose”

^Edit: “He wants” should read “I want.”





One thought on “Hofstra MLAX Shuts Down Ohio State Buckeyes

  1. Here are my thoughts and observations about this assignment, which specific tweet feedback below, and the overall comments and grade at the bottom:

    1. The #Hofstra Pride are looking to end their four-game homestand at James M. Shuart Stadium on a high note with a win against the #Buckeyes. (I know this was done before the class in which we went over style, but a reminder about plural vs. singular)
    2. The @HofstraMLAX are 3-1 on the season thus far, while the @OhioState_MLAX have posted a 5-1 record. (good job of mixing up the handles and the hashtags)
    3. Josh Byrne leads the #Hofstra Pride with 14 goals and 6 assists on the season. Byrne was named 2015 NJCAA Attackman of the Year. (NJCAA? National Junior College Athletic Association? Was he a transfer?)
    4. Senior attackman Carter Brown leads his Ohio State #Buckeyes with nine goals and four assists on the season. (good to mix in stats from the opponents)
    5. https://www.instagram.com/p/BC3E5c_r5fO/ (good… minor style point. Should be “four-game”
    6. #Hofstra Pride starting lineup: Llinares, Kupecky, Byrne, Hendrickson, Von Bargen, Kavanaugh, Diener, Sullivan, Osman, Concannon (good)
    7. https://twitter.com/erincschmitt180/status/708701190301818880/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw (packed house)
    8. #Hofstra is on the board first with a goal from #22 Brian Von Bargen, 2:09 into the first quarter. This is Von Bargen’s 7th of the season. (good)
    9. The Ohio State #Buckeyes strikes back with a goal from #5 Jack Jasinski, his fourth of the season. We’re tied at 1. (should be strike back, but good otherwise.)
    10. Ohio State #18 Jack Withers takes a 1 minute penalty, #Hofstra to the man advantage. (one-minute)
    11. #Hofstra working the ball around, Von Bargen with a quick shot that shoots wide to the near corner. (very good)
    12. After a fight for the ground ball in their own zone, the #Buckeyes come away with it and pull down the field. (also very good)
    13. https://twitter.com/HofstraMLAX/status/708706643031269382/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw (good work… seems like a tough period to do live tweeting and you gave me some good descriptions and visuals)
    14. Kupecky with a quick shot for #Hofstra, misses wide but the Pride holds possession and continues working the play. (very nice)
    15. Faceoff violation on Ohio State gives #Hofstra the 30 second extra man opportunity. (good, but style would be 30-second)
    16. #Hofstra capitalizes on the man-advantage w/ a goal from #42 Byrne, who leads the team with 15 goals. 3-1 Pride, 11:51 to play in the 2nd. (good tweet, and nice edit below it. You can actually make the corrections in a subsequent tweet if need be)
    17. Teams are at even-strength, Ohio State holds possession and cycles the ball and tries to make something happen. 3-1 #Hofstra (nice)
    18. Halftime stats: #OSU has 10 shots in the first two quarters compared to #Hofstra’s 19. (very good…if you wanted to take this one step further, you could say something about how you think Hofstra has dominated, or despite the shot total, many of them weren’t quality chances, etc)
    19. https://twitter.com/erincschmitt180/status/708717353970900994?ref_src=twsrc^tfw (good)
    20. #OSU #35 Maccani takes his second penalty of the game 6 seconds into the third period. #Hofstra to the one minute, extra man advantage. (the word extra is redundant in this case)
    21. A hold is called on the #Hofstra Pride. 12:22/Q3 (nice shorthand)
    22. Withers takes a wide shot for #OSU but misses, #Buckeyes keep possession and cycle the play. (so this is a suggestion too since you’re describing visuals really well. On the radio they do sometimes say who is going left to right, and right to left, just to help the audience paint a mental picture, which every time I read “cycles the play” happens, so you’re doing a great job)
    23. #Hofstra #25 Sam Llinares with a quick side-armed shot is stopped by #OSU goalie Tom Carey. (good detail)
    24. Great work by the #Hofstra defense as they stifle all of #OSU’s attempts and carry the play down the field. 5-2 Pride with 2:11 left in Q3. (good)
    25. Shot from #Hofstra #18 Trevor Kupecky hits the pipe and sends play the other way as #OSU takes possession. (clang! … I didn’t even know that could happen in lax.)
    26. #OSU calls a timeout. Two penalties are served to #Hofstra on #33 Matthew Perettine and #3 Jeremiah LaClair, Buckeyes looking to capitalize. (nice)
    27. https://www.instagram.com/p/BC3bFmOL5ZA/ (very well done here)
    28. Tierney says that his @HofstraMLAX “stood up defensively” and “bounced back after a blue collar week in practice.” (very nice… would be “blue-collar week” … when we go over this in class, I’ll be curious to know if you did these live or wrote them down and then tweeted them later).
    29. #Hofstra #22 Brian von Bargen notched a career-high three goals on the game in the Pride’s 8-5 win. (nice post-game stat)
    30. Von Bargen: “After losing last week, a full week to prepare got us going” as the team returned to “how Hofstra plays lacrosse.” (great use of partial quotes)
    31. Von Bargen speaks to the fact that it’s a team game and the offensive players move off each other. #Hofstra (not sure what this means)
    32. https://www.instagram.com/p/BC4WX4fL5Ti/ (interesting twist with the music… love the link in bio. Next assignment will be different, so take some video of the presser too. If you take some snapchat video, you can add caption analysis, but we’ll go over that).

    COMMENTS: Another great job overall. I know the multimedia elements will be expanded next class, but the actual tweets and descriptions did a great job of painting a picture. I look forward to your next assignment. This one was very solid, and I didn’t find many holes).

    GRADE: 99

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