Hofstra MLAX Defeats CAA Foe Delaware in Rainy Matinee

The Hofstra Pride men’s lacrosse team improved its season record to 7-4 with a 13-7 victory over a Colonial Athletic Association rival, the University of Delaware Blue Hens. This is the Pride’s first conference win after losing to the Fairfield Stags in a close 9-8 matchup last Saturday, bringing them to a 1-1 record in CAA play. Securing this CAA win is important for the Pride as they look ahead to tournament hopes.

While the rain that descended on James M. Shuart Stadium presented conditions that weren’t ideal, the Pride dominated in the special Alumni Day matinee. Scoring was balanced as contributions came from up and down the Hofstra lineup. Junior Josh Byrne recorded six points in the game, including two goals and four assists, to lead his Pride. Sophomore Brendan Kavanagh had a career-high four points in the game with two goals and two assists. The Pride will head to the road for the next two games, taking on Drexel on April 16 and UMass Amherst on April 23, before closing out the regular season at home on April 30. All three of these battles are within the CAA conference.

Here is a look at how today’s match played out on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat:

(^Edit: should read “the final* minute”)



One thought on “Hofstra MLAX Defeats CAA Foe Delaware in Rainy Matinee

  1. OVERALL COMMENTS: Very good pre-game info, as usual. Good lead-in into the game stuff, too. Thank you using the term “career-high” with hyphen since you used it as a modifier. Love the Paris Hilton tweet. Nice job getting the rain drops in that first picture. Your tweets are paced well, clear and it is easy to follow the game based on what you’re saying. Good use of stats (ie, the ground balls).


    1. UDel holds possession and works play around the #Hofstradefense. Shock clock is on. (good detail)
    2. #Hofstra Llinares and Kupecky try to wait out the clock as they pass the ball around the left side of the net. (good job painting the picture here)
    3. One minute penalty for cross checking served to UDel defender Kevin Sheahan. (should be “One-minute penalty”)
    4. The NCAA held the first DI Championship Tournament at Hofstra in 1971. Known as the Flying Dutchmen at the time, Hofstra was one of 8 teams. (Division I… and yes, I remember when they were called the Dutchmen. Such a great moniker. Doesn’t sell though. )
    5. Halftime stats: #Hofstra had 26 shots compared to UDel’s 8. Of these 26 shots for the Pride, 13 were on goal. (good)
    6. Two flags thrown on the field as UDel’s aggressive play causes penalties- Sheahan (hit to the head) and Lalley (unnecessary roughness). (well done)
    7. Thirteen minutes to play in the game as #Hofstra cycles around in UDel’s end, taking their time offensively. (well done again with the description/imagery)
    8. Penalty is served to UDel’s Conte, bringing #Hofstra to a thirty second man advantage. (30-second man advantage)
    9. Good work with this one: https://twitter.com/erincschmitt180/status/718894895373684736?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

    GRADE: 99


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